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Everything you need to know about what's going on in the industry and life as a performer! We'll share practical advice from leaders in the community on how to survive your dance studio, pursue the career of your dreams, and balance life in between. Join the conversation!
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Come behind the scenes as we talk with top industry artists and professionals about the stories that led them to the stage doors they enter today.
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Fourteen Things Everyone Is Secretly Thinking At An Audition

Fourteen Things Everyone Is Secretly Thinking At An Audition

Audition Xtra: RWS Associates

Who are RWS? What should I sing to audition for them? What's it like to work for them? What are they looking for in the audition? All your questions answered right here, in our new Audition Xtra on RWS & Associates!

Audition Xtra: Nerds ECC, Featuring Choreographer Josh Bergasse

Hot off the press! An interview with choreographer Josh Bergasse, the history of the show and much more to get you "in the know" on everything world of Nerd.
"The seminar with Alison and Randy was one of my favorites so far. My individual feedback from Alison reflected exactly the way ..."
- Becky Stout
"I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed today's seminar. Tara Young was wonderful!!! We all go through ups and downs in this cr..."
- Megan Buck
"I want to thank the whole Stage Door team for such a special opportunity! It was truly a dream meeting my favorite choreographe..."
- Megan Chizek
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