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"So you think you can dance?" Just like the reality show, it all started with this phrase from my dance teacher and mentor, Pat Jackson. At 15 I lived for sports--baseball, swimming, cycling. Pat challenged me at a school dance to take a class at her studio. "What? Me? Sure, no problem" (I mean how hard can "dance" be? C'mon!)<br> <br> My first class was so embarrassing. Super stud to super geek. Well, I coudn't let that happen! So ego and vanity kept me in class forever and lo and behold, I got better! 20 years later, over 50 films and 75 commercials, umpteen industrials and international shows, I've been blessed with the luck of the Irish.<br> <br> In my dance career we traveled to places exotic: Europe, Japan, Middle East and South America which offered glimpses into cultures unfamiliar and fascinating. And in that exploration I found myself looking at people and art differently. Really seeing. Seeing the nuance and beauty in place and in people. Donkeys carrying newlyweds on the isle of Santorini, goats plying for foodbits in an Israeli restaurant, looking on the face of a 100 year old midwife in Mexico, watching natives paddle dugout canoes in Sinamaica. I wanted to recreate these pictures in my mind so I dabbled in some painting with mixed media. "This will be easy, I come from a line of artists" Well, I was a little shocked to find out I couldn't draw worth a damn! Months later, I picked up a camera and...voila! It was a natural transition. From looking at the mirror creating dance line to behind the lens creating an image.<br> <br> I studied with photographer Bobbi Lane whose tough love gave me my technique roots and Richard Newman who gave me inspiration. And what's great is there is a continued learning process that keeps photography fresh and exciting. And now, to go beyond what people look like to seeing who they really that's dancing

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