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Nine Reasons Why By Being Non-Union ROCKS!

Friday, September 5, 2014 in The Basics|0 comments



1.     You get to meet up with 217 of your closest friends at every audition


2.     You perfect the art of sleeping on a noisy bus, waking up in a new city, checking into a hotel, showering, eating a meal and performing in a show all within in 24hrs


3.     No union dues!!


4.     You’ll see more cities than a 5th grade geography class


5.     You gain a new appreciation for the terms “paying your dues” and “14 hour days”


6.     Non-union performers are fierce competitors – put them all in an audition room together and the energy is contagious


7.     You can add “professional real estate consultant” to your list of special skills because of the number of times you’ve sublet your apartment

8.     “That which does not kill us makes us stronger”


9.     One day you’ll take over the entertainment world and you can look back and remember your “good non-union days” and revel in how far you’ve come

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