Virtually Vocal's cutting edge technology provides you with all of the tools you need to develop your voice and expand your repertoire. Gain Access to our Accompaniment Finder and online technique and specialty exercises as well as song notes, sheet music, live video clips and printable lyric sheets from any desktop or mobile device.

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What is Virtually Vocal?

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  • Find. Listen. Learn. Rehearse.
    Utilize the Accompaniment Finder tool to learn and rehearse any desired song by searching hundreds of professionally recorded melody emphasized teach tracks and full vocal accompaniments. It's your 24/7 accompanist!
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  • Vocal Exercises for every voice type!
    Strengthen and train your voice with dozens of online vocal warm-up and exercises designed by some of the Nations top voice teachers!

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Cutting Edge Technology

Assist your students in the development of their vocal repertoire with first-of-its-kind technology.

Melody “Teach Tracks”

Provide online teach tracks to save your students and faculty valuable studio time.

24/7 Virtual Accompanist

Give your students acces to a virtual accompanist ready to rehearse at any time from any desktop or mobile device

Unique Resource Tools

Provide your students with research material including song notes, word-for-word translations, live video clips and sheet music, so they can work independently and show up to classes and lessons prepared

What Virtually Vocal Users Say:
"I love the technique exercises on Virtually Vocal. It's great to be able to test out a variety of exercises, and even more importantly, to combine them into multiple playlists that I can use before different auditions or performances. "

- Lauren Johnson

"Virtually Vocal has been an invaluable tool allowing me to test out different songs at home so I can spend my coaching sessions working on songs I like as opposed to searching for new music. My audition book has grown so much since I started my Virtually Vocal subscription and I love the ability to request new accompaniments if I want to work on a song that isn't in your database."

- Jessica Grantis

"I love using the Virtually Vocal tool and think it's a very unique and useful service to provide to your subscribers."

- Marianne West

"Virtually Vocal has been the number one tool for helping me to prepare for upcoming vocal lessons and practice for vocal callbacks. I feel much more confident about my songs since I am able to practice along with the Virtually Vocal program anytime I want."

- Kimberlee Murray

"I have been a long time subscriber to The huge collection of songs are so helpful is picking new repertoire, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can “request a new song” and its available in just a few days. As a singer on a budget and terrible piano skills the most valuable tool to me is the “Accompaniment Finder.” These accompaniments are a unique practice and learning tool when trying to memorize music accurately and efficiently while also working on my vocal technique. The accompaniments help me to be more prepared for my lessons and coaching’s since I can practice as much as I want, wherever I am no matter what time it is. "

- Imran Kissoon

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