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10 FREE Things Artists Should Do in NYC This Summer

Have you come to NYC this summer to study acting or dance? Or perhaps you're a performer feeling "stuck" in the city while your friends go off to work summer stock jobs? Either way, it. is. summer. Specifically, it's summer in THE city! The city is bursting with things to do, and you don't have to break the bank to seize the day. We challenge you to turn New York City into your oyster and take advantage of the multitude of events to satisfy all areas of your creativity. Here are our top picks:


Scott Wojcik has lived in NYC since 1992. Following work in Dallas and on tour, his acting brought him to NYC. Scott supplemented his acting career by working as a freelance Casting Assistant for several Independent Casting Directors until 1999 when he joined Charles Rosen Casting. Scott became partner of Rosen & Wojcik casting in 2005. His work as an Arts Presenter during college and grad school led to an interest in producing. To further that interest, Scott aligned his skills with partners Charles Rosen and Bill Castellino to form CRW Productions, a company that creates customized theatrical events. From 2002 till 2007 CRW produced projects that ranged from corporate fundraisers, philanthropic events to new musicals and developmental readings as well as a multi-million dollar product launch in South America. In addition to casting, Scott pursues his interest in education by teaching audition skills. He teaches regularly for SAG, NYU and Vassar’s summer program. Along with co-teacher Susan Pilar, Scott has developed a curriculum called “FUSE”. FUSE is designed to help recently graduated acting students bridge the gap between the academic and professional acting environment.

BACKSTAGE PASS: Lucille DiCampli

Lucille's career has spanned the spectrum of dance as a professional dancer, choreographer, producer, and agent in New York, Boston and Los Angeles. Eight years ago, Lucille opened the New York division of McDonald Selznick Associates and is currently directing the agency. Her clients have choreographed or danced in feature films such as Rock of Ages, Burlesque, Nine and Chicago as well as the television series Glee, Smash and Carrie Diaries. They have worked on tours with vocalists like Madonna, Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Cher, and Beyonce. On Broadway, they star in Wicked, Matilda, Newsies, Jersey Boys, Billy Elliot, Rock of Ages, Motown and Cinderella. Lucille's director-choreographers have received American Choreography, Emmy, Tony, DramaLeague and MTV awards. Lucille is thrilled to work with her roster of high caliber artists and establish a stronger dance community in New York.
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