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A Basic Step by Step Guide to Writing a Research Paper


A research paper is a form of writing which involves critical study and analysis of a topic. Writing a research paper involves formulating research questions, presenting literature review, gathering data and presenting findings and conclusion.


Writing a research paper is not very difficult if you possess analytical skills since it requires critical analysis of a topic. You may successfully write a research paper if you follow certain guidelines. This article from the Write My Paper For Money will provide you a basic step by step guide to writing a research paper.


The first step in writing a research paper is to select a topic. You should spend enough time in searching for a topic. Try to choose an interesting and challenging topic for your research paper. Choose a topic which is comprehensible. Narrow down your topic to a statement and avoid using topics which are too broad.


The next step in writing a research paper is to formulate research questions. The main research question which you will drive from your topic is the primary question. The primary question is the one which introduces a topic. The primary question is usually followed by a secondary question which attempts to discover further information about a topic. After formulating your primary and secondary research questions, you will mention the scope and significance of your study.


Writing a research paper also requires you to present supporting literature. For this purpose, you are required to do some research. Explore various information sources in order to find out the relevant material. You may present a literature review of books, articles, newspapers and magazines. You are also required to give proper references and citations throughout your paper.


When writing a research paper, you are also required to gather primary data. You may gather quantitative or qualitative data based on the research design which you are using. You will gather data from your target audience therefore you must specify your population and sample size in the methodology section of your research paper.


After gathering the data, the next step is data analysis. Data analysis will generate the results of your study. On the basis of data analysis, you will present findings and results of your study. In the end you may also include some recommendations about further research which can be conducted on a topic.


Therefore by following this basic step by step guide to writing a research paper, you will be able to write a research paper successfully. Once you have finished writing your research paper, make order a proofread on the to make it free of errors and uncouth information.

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