Stage Door Workshops

New York City, New York

We make it easy for you to create a unique dance experience for your students by offering a variety of programs and workshops.

STAGE DOOR WORKSHOPS understands the importance of establishing solid dance and performance technique. As educators, we have the responsibility to teach dancers to be mentally and physically healthy, value the educational process and create a plan to make the most of their future.

We work closely with each studio or school to fully customize a program based on the age levels, abilities and interests of the students.

How we got started...

STAGE DOOR WORKSHOPS began in 2011 as as a division of Stage Door Connections.  Stage Door Connections has established itself as the nation’s leading online and offline career development company. With over fifteen years in the entertainment industry, Stage Door Connections has helped hundreds of performers book Broadway shows, dance companies, music videos, cruise ships, corporate gigs, and celebrity artist tours as well as find non-performing careers in the entertainment industry.

We wanted to make the training and guidance that Stage Door Connections provides our professional clients available to dancers of all ages and levels. We accomplished this by creating STAGE DOOR WORKSHOPS.

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