July 8, 2019

The Cubans - Miami FL EPA
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Region: Central

Seeking:SEEKING Equity actors for various roles. See breakdown. BREAKDOWN Martica (Cuban, 50’s): Martica has spent her whole life looking after the needs of her family. Her love is endless and bountiful but it comes with a condition; she expects the same from others. She is strong- willed, devoted, and blunt. Christy (Cuban, Late 20’s): As a first generation American, she struggles to find her place in both the country and her family. Although she is independent and determined, she constantly seeks validation from her family. She is misunderstood, vivacious, and sensitive. Jesus (Chinese-Cuban, 60s): Jesus is the equalizer between the strong personalities of both his wife and daughter. Although he has a personal history of hardship, he does not hold his scars as an armor but rather they keep him vulnerable to the ones he loves. He is exuberant, selfless, and firm. Ramoncito (Cuban, Early 30’s): Ramoncito is sweet and fragile. He is currently coming to terms with his sexuality and fears abandonment if he were to expose his true self. Whenever you’re with him, he makes you feel like the most important person in the room. Ana (Cuban, 50’s): Ana is loud, unpredictable, and pretty self involved. She leads the life of a twenty year old and disregards any social norms. As the middle sister, there is always a great deal of jealousy and need to prove herself in front of Martica. Underneath all the exterior, Ana means well and cares deeply about her family. Eric/Anthony (Caucasian, 30’s): Eric, A wholesome, handsome, All-American dude. This world feels foreign to him but he is excited by the “exoticness” of it all. Awkward, soft-spoken, and earnest. Anthony, Ramoncito’s kind and supportive first boyfriend. Comes from an Italian background and connects to the dynamics of a Cuban family. Tactful, affable, and forthright. Pepe (Cuban, 40’s): Pepe exudes male masculinity. He has an old fashioned mentality and doesn’t beat around the bush. He was born in Cuba but moved to Miami during his teens. Although by this point he is more American than Cuban, he still carries himself like he just got off the boat. Vero (Cuban, 40’s): Smart, affectionate, and passive aggressive. Vero struggles with speaking her mind. Her passions and feelings have always taken a backseat to her husband’s needs. Manolito (Afro-Cuban, 60s): A lifelong friend of the family, Manolito is suffering from early Alzheimers. He is coming to terms with the disillusion of "The American Dream." Manolito also has a strong, rabid personality and is unwavering with his opinions. ==========================

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