April 8, 2018

John W. Engeman Theater '18-'19 Season - ECC - Dancers
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:NEWSIES Harvey Fierstein, book Alan Menken, music Jack Feldman, lyrics Director TBA musical director TB Reh: 6/29/18; Open: 7/19/18; Close: 9/2/18 Katherine Plumber: Female, 17 to 20. A feisty young reporter. Medda Larkin/Nun: Female Age: 25 to 45. A vaudeville star, owns her own theater. Bowery Beauty/Nun/Newsie/Showgirl at Medda's theater: Female Age: 18 to 30. Hannah/Nun/Bowery Beauty/(possible Newsie)/Pulitzer's secretary. Female Age: 20 to 40 Jack Kelly: Male Age: 17 to 20. Leader of the Newsies. Crutchie: Male Age: 17 to 20. A Newsie with a bum leg. Joseph Pulitzer, Publisher of The World: Male Age: 35 to 50. A no-nonsense businessman. Davey: Male Age: 17 to 20. A new Newsie, more bookish than Jack. Les: Male Age: 10 to 15. Davey's fearless younger brother. Wiesel: Male Age: 35 to 50. Runs the distribution window of The World. Mr. Jacobi: Male Age: 35 to 55. Owner of the deli. Mayor: Male Age: 45 to 60. The Mayor of New York City. Seitz: Male Age: 45 to 65. Pulitzer's editor. Snyder: Male Age: 45 to 65. Warden of The Refuge. A frightening, spidery and sinister man. Bunsen: Male Age: 35 to 50. Pulitzer's bookkeeper. Stage Manager: Male Age: 25 to 55. A stage manager at Medda Larkin's theater. Nunzio: Male Age: 30 to 50. A barber. Governor Teddy Roosevelt: Male Age: 50 to 65. Governor Teddy Roosevelt. Spot Conlon: Male Age: 17 to 20. Newsie. Leader of the Brooklyn Newsies. Race: Male Age: 17 to 20. A Newsie with a penchant for betting. Bill: Male Age: 17 to 25. The son of William Randolph Hearst. Darcy,/Newsie: Male Age: 20 to 25. Upper-class son of a publisher. Morris Delancey/Newsie: Male Age: 20 to 25. Heavy at The World's distribution window. Oscar Delancey/Newsie: Male Age: 17 to 20. Morris's equally tough brother. Newsies: Males Age: 17 to 20 – Albert, Specs, Henry, Finch, Elmer, Mush, Romeo, ________________ MAN OF LA MANCHA Dale Wasserman, book Mitch Leigh, music Joe Darion, lyrics director TBA musical director TBA Reh: 8/24/18; Open: 9/13/18; Close: 10/28/18 Don Quixote (Cervantes & Quijana): Tall, thin man in his late forties, he is an actor, playwright, and would-be knight. He is a romantic—some say crazy—and has a vision of a far better and nobler world, where knights and chivalry rule the day. Tenor/High Baritone. Sancho Panza: A Manservant. Older than Don Quixote, Sancho is short and squat. He has served Quixote/Cervantes for many years and is devoted to him, even with all his idiosyncracies. Tenor. Aldonza: (Dulcinea): A serving woman and a part-time prostitute at the inn, Aldonza is rough on the exterior, but has a gentle heart inside and yearns to believe what Don Quixote tells her. Quixote falls in loves with her and insists her name is Dulcinea and that she is a beautiful, gentle woman. MezzoSoprano. The Innkeeper (The Governor): A large and powerful man, he is kind as the Innkeeper, but as the Governor is the leader of the inmate society in the prison. Baritone. Dr. Sanson Carrasco (Knight of Mirrors): Dr. Carrasco is Antonia's fiancé. He thinks Don Quixote mad and insists that he come home to be treated for his malady. As the Knight he reflects the truth. Baritone/Tenor. The Padre (Prisoner): Tenor/High Baritone. Antonia (Prisoner): Quixote's niece and Dr. Carrasco's fiancée. Soprano. The Housekeeper (Prisoner): An employee of Quijana. Alto (but needs high range). Duke (Prisoner): The sidekick to the Governor. Captain of the Inquisition (Prisoner) The Barber (Prisoner) Seven Muleteers: Pedro: The head muleteer, Pedro is a mean and vicious man, leading an attack on Aldonza. Anselmo: A muleteer Jose: A muleteer Juan: A muleteer Paco: a muleteer Tenorio: A muleteer Guitar Player A muleteer Maria: The Innkeeper's wife Fermina: A Moorish servant girl (dancer). _________________ ELF Thomas Meehan and Bob Martin, book Mathew Sklar and Chad Beguelin, music & lyrics director TBA musical director TBA Reh: 10/26/18; Open: 11/15/18; Close: 12/30/18 Buddy: Male, 20-30 with a strong singing voice up to a G. Funny, and warm with an infectious personality; has been raised as one of Santa's elves and has the innocence of a child; has outrageous enthusiasm for everything he sees and does but it is very genuine. Comedian with great subtle timing and must be a very strong mover with a great sense of physical comedy. Jovie: Female, 20-30 with a strong belt up to a D flat. Comedic, appealing, and relatable New Yorker that doesn’t have much Christmas spirit until meeting Buddy. Walter Hobbs: Male, 45-55 with good vocals. Upscale successful businessman who has become cold and distant with his family until Buddy enters their life. Workaholic with little time left for enjoying life or appreciating simple things. Emily Hobbs: Female, 40-50 with a strong belt up to a C. Walter’s wife and Michael’s mother. At first overwhelmed by Buddy, but soon embraces him as part of the family. Michael Hobbs: Male, 10-15 with a strong singing voice up to an E. Funny and smart; quickly bonds with Buddy and is determined to share a great Christmas with his entire family. Deb: Female, 30-45 a very strong character singer with an excellent belt; must be a very strong mover. Funny secretary at Walter’s office, full of character and sharp wit. Mr Greenway: Male, 50-60 with great comic timing and should sing well. Shrewd businessman. Santa: Male, 50-60 with a good singing voice. Jolly, warm, funny; a down to earth blue-collar type. Store Manager: Male, 30-50; must be able to sing well and have great comic timing. Funny, physically large, full of character, lots of attitude, sassy and spirited. _________________ BUDDY – THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY Alan Janes, book Buddy Holly, music & lyrics Director tba musical director tba Reh: 12/28/19; Open: 1/17/19; Close: 3/3/19 Ensemble: Characters are Men & Women: 20’s-40’s. Variety performers and various musicians will be cast from the Ensemble. ________________ A GENTLEMAN’S GUIDE TO LOVE AND MURDER Robert L. Freedman, book & lyrics Steven Lutvak, music & lyrics Director tba musical director tba Reh: 2/22/19; Open: 3/14/19; Close: 4/28/19 Woman #1: 30s – 50s. Plays MISS SHINGLE, a Cockney housekeeper/governess who has served a wealthy, titled family for 30 years. Storytelling is paramount for her role. Also plays TOUR GUIDE, as well as PUB OWNER’S WIFE, MRS. PEBWORTH, 3RD NEWSBOY. Mezzo-soprano, G to high A. Woman #2: 30s – late 40s. Plays LADY EUGENIA, an unhappily married countess. Comically overbearing and mean spirited at times. Must be highly adept at the biting quip with a withering glare. Also plays MISS HETHERINGTON, and 4TH NEWSBOY. Low F# to high A. Woman #3: Mid 20s – mid 30s. Plays MISS BARLEY, an alluring artist model. Also plays SIBELLA’S MAID, HYACINTH COLLEAGUE, PHOEBE’S MAID, HILDA. G to high C. Female Swing: Mid 20s – early 40s. Covers all three on-stage female ensemble tracks. Must be able to play everything from an English aristocrat who despises her husband all the way to a flighty, young, John W. Engeman Theater 18-19 Season - ECC / Male Singers Page 2 of 3 lower-class girl with higher aspirations. Strong mover needed. Versatility is paramount. Must have a wide vocal range, low F# - high A. Man #1: 20s – mid 30s. Appealing and attractive. Plays TOM COPLEY (aka FARMER), as well as 2ND CLERK, HYACINTH COLLEAGUE, 2ND NEWSBOY, ACTOR, ANCESTRAL BUST, DR. PETTIBONE, and GUARD. High baritone with a strong top; solid low A to high A. Man #2: Early 30s – 40s. A versatile and appealing character man. Plays DETECTIVE PINCKEY. Also plays 1ST CLERK, PUB OWNER, MR. CROSS, 1ST NEWSBOY, 1ST ACTOR, PHYSICIAN, and 2ND ANCESTRAL BUST. Bass, low C to high G#. Man #3: Mid 20s – 40s. A character man. Plays THE MAGISTRATE, as well as MR. GOODSALL, ACTOR, and MR. GORBY. True tenor. B flat to high B flat. Male Swing: Mid 20s – early 40s. Covers all three on-stage male ensemble tracks. Must be able to play everything from a not-very-bright, middle-class magistrate all the way to a working-class farmer. Must have wide vocal range, low C – high Bb. __________________ AIDA Linda Woolverton, book Elton John, music Tim Rice, lyrics Director tba musical director tba Reh: 4/20/19; Open: 5/9/19; Close: 6/23/19 Ensemble: Characters are Men & Women: 20’s-50’s. To play Ministers; Soldiers; Egyptian Men; Palace Women; Nubians; Guards.

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