June 4, 2017

The Cher Show - EPA - Singers
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:Babe: Female, 18-23, Caucasian, Cher at the early stage of her life. Fiercely independent but insecure about her looks, being “different,” being challenged from dyslexia. Anxious to “get up and get out,” to sing, to act, to be somebody. Determined to be famous, drawn to Hollywood and the movies. Surrounded by women as a girl. Searching for a father figure, then eager for romantic encounters as a teen. Seeing Sonny for the first time is her “Romeo and Juliet" moment. Must have an excellent pop/rock voice. Lady: Female, 30-39, Caucasian, Cher in her 30s. Delighted by the power and trappings of stardom. Exhausted by the demands of an overbooked life. She wears her fame and her femininity as naturally as any of the famous Mackie creations--with ease and aplomb. In the spotlight, she thrives. Out of it, she pines for the minutiae of ordinary life--going to the movies, shopping with friends, being a mommy, making music. Must have an excellent pop/rock voice. Star: Female, 40-59, Caucasian, Cher as we see her now. If she’d know that this is what it’s like to have it all, she might have been willing to settle for less. But she doesn’t settle; she strives. She pushes through the old fears and insecurities to try new things, to be new versions of herself. Brings her talent for being real to her music, and also to her acting. And also, to her search for love, for a good man who can handle a powerful woman. Must have an excellent pop/rock voice. Sonny Bono: Male, 37-43, Caucasian, charming, funny, adorable, and ambitious, but capable of being controlling, inconstant, and manipulative. He’s the hero and the villain--a romantic and a cad, a lover and a jailer, part Othello and part Iago. That’s what makes him interesting, to Cher and to us. Must have an excellent pop/rock voice. Georgia: Female, 40-49, Caucasian,Cher’s mom. Gorgeous, talented, and independent. Could’ve given Marilyn Monroe a run for her money, but lacked the killer instinct. Happy to attach and detach herself to and from any guy, even the ones she marries. She wants her daughter to be somebody, and she teaches her by example. Not the cliché stage mother, not the cliché stay-at-home mom, but squarely in her kid’s corner, through thick and thin. Must have an excellent pop/rock voice. John Sarkisian/Bob Mackie/Robert Altman/Sigmund Freud: Male, 40-49, Caucasian, John Sarkisian: Cher’s father. Doesn’t recognize her talent in her early years. A drinker. Loves his daughters, but decides to leave his wife and kids when Cher is very young. Bob Mackie: The somewhat eccentric fashion designer responsible for designing Cher’s outfits for her shows. Robert Altman: The famous film and theater director who casts Cher in “Come Back to the Five & Dime, Jimmy Dean.” Champions Cher’s career as an actress and helps her realize her potential. Sigmund Freud: The famous Austrian neurologist and psychiatrist. Serves as Cher’s psychiatrist. Must have an excellent pop/rock voice and excellent comedic timing. George, The Producer: Male, 40-59, the wisecracking Hollywood producer of Cher’s TV shows. Should be a very funny character actor with excellent comedic timing and an excellent pop/rock voice. Lee, The Stage Manager: Male, 20-39, the very harried stage manager for "The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour." Charged with keeping everybody happy and everything moving smoothly (good luck with that). Must be a very funny character actor with excellent comedic timing and an excellent pop/rock voice. David Geffen/Artie, The Director: Male, 30-49, Caucasian, David Geffen: The famous music mogul and film producer. Dates Cher briefly after her split from Sonny Bono. Brilliant, controlling, conflicted, and short. Must have an excellent pop/rock voice. Artie: The director of "The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour." Should be a very funny character actor with excellent comedic timing and an excellent pop/rock voice. Gregg Allman/Bill: Male, 20-39, Caucasian, Gregg Allman: Known for his success as part of The Allman Brothers Band. Starts a romantic relationship with Cher after her split from David Geffen, eventually becoming (briefly) her husband. Young, handsome, dripping with Southern charm, and smart as a whip. Bill: A hard-rocking, guitar-playing bad boy that Cher has a fling with when her relationship with Sonny starts to crumble. Gorgeous and sexy. Must have an excellent pop/rock singing voice and guitar playing is a plus. Rob Camilletti: Male, 20-39, Caucasian, “The Bagel Boy.” Cher’s young Italian lover, whom she meets later in her life. A sweet stud, with the soul of a poet and a Sicilian temper. Genuinely loves Cher for who she really is. Bridget: Female, 20-29, one of Cher’s best girlfriends from the early years. She provides the sewing machine and skills that result in the signature look of Sonny and Cher, when they become America’s first hippies in the '60s. Cool, funny, and independent. Should have excellent comedic timing and a strong pop/rock voice.

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