October 25, 2018

APPOINTMENTS - Sherwood - Actors
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:Robin Hood: Male, late 20s-early 30s; heroic outlaw; smart, but more lucky than savvy; physically athletic; a leading man out of the world of Month Python; actor should have stage combat training and/or a background in dance. British accent required. Friar Tuck: Male, mid-30s-early 40s; the narrator of the play; grounded and witty, could be heavyset; Robin Hood’s jovial companion. British accent required. Maid Marion: Female, late 20s-early 30s; badass ingénue and Robin Hood’s love interest; athletic; actors should have stage combat and/or dance training; also plays: Executioner #1, Heloise, Robin at 12, Robin’s Friend, and Margery. British/a variety of accents required. Deorwynn: Female, late 20s–early 30s; lower class ingénue; physically should be someone who is easy to lift; also plays: Executioner #2, Robin at 8, Alize, and Monk #3. Cockney and a variety of accents required. Little John: Male, late 20s–early 40s; Robin Hood’s chief lieutenant and second-in-command of the Merry Men; physically, there’s nothing “little” about him; well-versed in stage combat; this character does a lot of fighting; also plays: Executioner #3, Master Godwin, Robin Friend #1, Monk #1, and Foreigner #1. British accent required. Sheriff: Male, mid 30s–50s; total bumbler, scaredy cat, outcast, schlubby; actors should have stage combat and/or dance training; also plays: Peasant, Robin Friend #3, Ansgot, Monk 2, and Gaspar. British accent required. Prince John: Male, 50s; arrogant, and maybe a little fey; character actor track; seeking real transformer; also plays: Executioner #4, Midwife, Master Bladen, Much the Miller, Father Goph, and Foreigner #2. British accent required.

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