October 24, 2018

MacBeth - EPA - Actors
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:Macbeth: Female, 18+, impetuous, passionate, susceptible to dreams of power and glory, she puts aside all morals in order to fulfill her ambitions. Lady Macbeth: Female, 18+, fiery, nimble and fiercely intelligent; she is a deeply ambitious woman who wants position and power; she falls victim to madness as she cannot handle reality and humanity. Banquo: Female, 18+, Macbeth’s constant and upstanding best friend; she is equally ambitious to Macbeth but does not succumb to the temptations that Macbeth does. Macduff: Female, 18+, the ultimate protagonist, fierce and good hearted; always genuine, and though she is physically imposing, she is easy to empathize with. Witch 1, 2, 3: Female, 18+, superficial and self obsessed without any moral boundaries; they are intimidating and strong, and though they have a fascination of occult, there is nothing gothic about them.

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