September 22, 2018

Do You Feel Anger? - EPA - Actors
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:Sofia: Latina, Black, Indian, Middle Eastern, or Asian Female. Late 20s/early 30s. An empathy coach who is sent out by her company to corporate offices to teach employees how to have empathy. She is warm, assertive, and non-judgmental; she is also a bit wide-eyed and naive. She has a habit of suppressing her own anger which ultimately leads her to a point of complete explosion. Eva: Female, Early 30s. Any ethnicity. Long time employee at Cash Flow Accounts who is nervous, highstrung, and eager to please. She has great emotional depth. A bit frumpy and awkward. Jon: Male. Late 40s. Any ethnicity. The boss at CFA. Excellent at playing the nice guy. He presents himself as warm and easy-going. Wants to be the friend and ally to everyone in the office -- until he's no longer getting what he wants. Howie: Caucasian Male. Early 30s. An employee at CFA with severe anger issues. He can be short, dry, and dismissive. Jordan: Latino, Black, Indian, Middle Eastern, or Asian Male. Late 20s. The youngest employee at CFA. The sensitive-poet, and the “nice guys always finish last” type Sofia's Mother/Janie: Latina, African-American, Indian, Middle Eastern, or Asian Female. Mid 50s. Sofia's Mother is empathetic and grounded, with bouts of neuroses. She is trying to balance being a supportive, handsoff mother with being a person who needs hands-on support herself right now. Janie experienced trauma in the office but she has done work on healing herself. A smart, empathetic straight-shooter. Old Man: Caucasian Male. 70s or older. His violent tendencies have only been tempered by age. A charismatic, threatening man who takes up a lot of space. He also shows moments of true vulnerability. He may use a wheelchair or a walker due to his old age.

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