September 20, 2018

The White Devil - EPA - Actors
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:Flamineo: Male, 35-50, Machiavellian servant to Brachiano; brilliant, verbose, tortured; ferocious social climber; pimps out his own sister; the primary antagonist of the play. Brachiano: Male, 35-60, Duke of Brachiano; powerful and pathological, depraved and impulsive; will stop at nothing to achieve his goals; in love with Vittoria. Francisco De Medici: Male, 40-60, Duke of Florence; powerful old-money ruler, brilliant strategist; cold and calculated; capable of deception and violence when provoked. Monticelso: Male, 50-70, a Cardinal; backroom dealer, slimy, deceitful, glib surface; misogynist, powerful public speaker. Lodovico: Male, 40-55, a deposed Italian Count; vindictive, charismatic, sadistic, crazy; doubles with: Camillo (Male 40 - 55) husband to Vittoria; cuckolded, pompous, easily duped. Marcello: Male, 30-45, an Attendant of the Duke of Florence, and brother to Vittoria and Flamineo; the “good”, rule-following sibling; appalled by the workings of his brother. Gasparo: Male, 25-40, follower of Lodovico; underling, hoodlum, sadistic. Isabella: Female, 25-45, sister to Francisco de Medici, and Wife to Brachiano; loving and honorable towards her husband and son even in the face of terrible rejection; doubles with: Hortensio (Female, 25-45) Brachiano’s officer, loyal. Giovanni: Female, 18-35, the 10 year old son of Brachiano and Isabella; he is energetic, precocious, and witty; grows from a child to a young ruler over the course of the play; doubles with: Antonelli (Female 18-35); friend to Lodovico and Dependants of the Duke of Florence. Vittoria Corombona: Female, 35-50, wife to Camillo then Brachiano; powerful, beautiful, sharply intelligent and ruthless; intensely sexual; makes bold choices in a world where rules are set by men; along with her brother Flamineo the primary protagonist of the play. Zanche: Female, 18+, African maid-servant to Vittoria; fends for herself; deceptive and fierce. Cornelia: Female, 60-80, mother to Vittoria, Flamineo and Marcello; appalled by the family’s moral fall; grieving Cassandra; goes mad after one of her sons kills the other.

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