May 20, 2018

SUBMISSIONS - 68: A New American Musical - Singers
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:Charlene And Others: Female, 50-70, strong Caucasian Chicago woman of Polish/Irish stock; rock/folk, high alto or low soprano, some vocal gravel is desirable but not necessary; also plays Charlene + Meatworker, Nun For Peace, Conventioneer. Sandy And Others: Female, 30-40, cheery “Iowegan’ sings “Minnesota Nice”; clean, clear soprano; also plays Sandy + Nub, Conventioneer; submit all ethnicities. Rebecca And Others: Female, 20-30, Latina; sweet but cutting soprano; also plays Rebecca + Delegate, Hippie. Pilar And Others: Female, 45-60, Latina woman; alto, able to sing a low G comfortably; also plays Pilar (A Hilton Housekeeper). + Reporter, Delegate. Kerry And Others: Female, 20-30, hardened, edge; alto/high alto able to sing rock music with some grit; also plays Kerry + Hippie Sunny, Housekeeper, Delegate; submit all ethnicities. Tran Ha Lien And Others: Female, 18-22, slight SE Asian woman with a fragile voice; young, clean, simple high alto or soprano; also plays Mrs. Casey Jones, Nguyen Anh, Housekeeper. Lonnie And Others: Male, 20-35, African American, rangeless baritone or resonant tenor, familiarity with gospel and funk preferred; also plays Lonnie and Hotel Staff, Police Officer, Delegate. Gary And Others: Male, 30-50, Caucasian, mousy, frumpy rock/folk; tenor, able to sing both sweetly and with some rock edge comfortable singing up to Ab in full or mix voice; also plays Gary and SDSer, ROTC. Lt. 'Stubby' Stubig: Male, 40-45, tough Caucasian Chicago; Polish background; roaring whiskey-soaked voice; baritone with full-voiced Eb above middle C or higher; also plays Lt. ‘Stubby’ Stubig and Reporter, Conventioneer. Supt. Conlisk And Others: Male, 40-45, Caucasian male; mellow, reasoned, hearty man; rock/folk voice, able to convey authority and sensitivity, high baritone or tenor; also plays Supt. Conlisk and Charlene's Dad, Priest, Conventioneer. Male Ensemble 1 / Male Ensemble 2: Male, 20-50, versatile vocalists with acting chops and range; plays Announcer, Conventioneer, Reporter, Security Agent; plays Polic Officer, Hippie, Yippie MC, 1948 MC, Drunk Conventioneer; submit all ethnicities.

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