April 20, 2018

SUBMISSIONS - In the Heights - Singers
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:Usnavi de la Vega: 24, twenty-four-year-old owner of De La Vega’s Bodega, his parents emigrated from the Dominican Republic and have since passed away. He lives with Abuela Claudia. In love with Vanessa, but comically has no game and is shy. Charismatic, winning and friendly with a generous heart. He is the mayor of the streets, the eyes and ears of his Washington Heights neighborhood. Strong actor, must be familiar with Spanish and be an excellent rapper and mover. Singing a plus. D3-G4. Nina Rosario: nineteen-year-old Nina is the first one in her family to attend college—at Stanford University. The beloved and only daughter of Kevin and Camila Rosario, working-class parents who run the car service, love interest of Benny, and best friends with Vanessa. An overachiever. With dogged determination, she registered the entire neighborhood to vote. She’s the role model, straight-A student but going through tough times. Must be an excellent mover and proficient in Spanish. Strong belt/mix. A3-F5. Kevin Rosario: 40s, co-owner of Rosario Car and Limousine, husband to Camila and father to Nina. Born and raised in Arecibo, Puerto Rico, he moved to New York City and began work as a mechanic before building up to buying his own business. Charismatic and proud, this self-made alpha male is also stubborn and hot-tempered, but always wants the best for his family. Singing actor who moves well and is familiar with Spanish. C4-E5. Camila Rosario: 40s, co-owner of Rosario Car and Limousine with her husband Kevin. Also from Arecibo, Puerto Rico, she fell in love with Kevin at 19 and moved with him to New York City. Strong, fiery yet pragmatic woman with a deep love for her family. Singing actor who moves well and is familiar with Spanish. G3-B4. Benny: 24, twenty-four-year-old driver for Rosario Car and Limousine, where he has worked since he was a teenager. Ambitious and optimistic, he aims to have his own business one day. Handsome, flirtatious, charming man who crushes on Nina. Preferably African American. Strong singer and excellent mover. E3-G#4. Vanessa: a 19-year-old woman who works at Daniela’s Salon. Latina. Sexy, confident, vivacious, and charismatic, with strong dreams of leaving the Heights, away from her alcoholic mother. With traffic-stopping good looks, she knows how to use them except with the shy Usnavi. Must be an excellent dancer and be familiar with Spanish. Strong belt/mix to an E. F#3-E5. Sonny: 18+, fifteen years old, Puerto Rican, and Usnavi’s cousin, Sonny works for Usnavi at the bodega. Loud mouthed, though endearing with his naïvete and youth. Smart young man but also a smartass, Sonny genuinely loves the barrio. Comic actor, must be a good rapper and an excellent mover and be familiar with Spanish. G3-A#4. Abuela Claudia: late 60s, Abuela Claudia raised Usnavi after his parents passed away, and he continues to live with him. She emigrated from Cuba when she was very young. Abuela Claudia has been in the Heights the longest and is the veritable matriarch to all, always caring, feeding everyone in the neighborhood. She has had a difficult immigrant life with the stress of years of low-paying jobs and struggles with the language; it shows in her physically. Proficiency with Spanish, strong belt to a C. F#3-C5. Daniela: late 20s to early 40s, Puerto Rican. Quick-witted, brassy and outspoken, she is the no-nonsense successful owner of Daniela’s Salon. Gossip queen of the neighborhood. Confident and strong, she is a big sister figure to Vanessa and Carla. Comic actress with a strong belt. Should be an excellent dancer and be familiar with Spanish. G3-C5. Carla: mid-20s to early 30s, a hairdresser at Daniela’s Salon. She is Dominican, Cuban, Chilean, and Puerto Rican, but born and raised in Queens. Funny, perhaps unintentionally, and not the brightest bulb in the room, she has a sunny disposition all the same. Comic actor with strong belt mix. Should be an excellent dancer. Familiarity with Spanish. Graffiti Pete: eighteen-year-old graffiti artist, any ethnicity, talented though undiscovered artist, always dancing with boom box in tow. Grew up in the Heights, buddies with Sonny, harmless but rough around the edges. Must be an extremely strong dancer. Acrobatics a plus. Piragua Guy: mid-30s, Carribeño, he diligently sells piraguas (flavored ice shavings) in the Heights to earn a living. He represents a rhythm of the islands in the big city. Bright, soaring tenor. Proficiency with Spanish. D3-A4.

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