March 18, 2023

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Region: Eastern, Western, Central

Seeking:Frank Butler: Male 20-35 , Baritone, Lead. Confident sharpshooter falls in love with Annie Oakley Annie Oakley: Female 18-30, Mezzo-Soprano, Lead. Boisterous competitive markswoman from the Midwest who fell into fame on Buffalo Bills Wild West Show. Love interest of Frank Butler. Tommy Keeler: Male, 18-25 (Native American/mixed ethnicity) Tenor, Supporting. Dashing Native/Irish American knife thrower on the Wild West Show. Smitten by Winnie Tate. Winnie Tate: Female, 18-20, Mezzo-Sopranno, supporting. Attractive chorus girl, ingenue type, smitten by Tommy. Buffalo Bill Cody: Male 35-60, Baritone, supporting. Ringleader and showman of Buffalo Bills Wild West show. Larger than life frontiersman. Dolly Tate: Female 30-40, Alto, supporting. Over the top showgirl sarcastic show girl duo with Charlie Davenport. Little Jake: Male 18 to play younger, Alto, supporting. Annie's little brother, backwoodsy but boyish. Jessie: Female 18 to play younger, Alto, supporting. Annie's little sister, hunter backwoodsy helper and brother to little Jake. Chief Sitting Bull: Male (Native American) 30-50, spoke, supporting. Lakota Souix chief and holy man now in Buffalo Bills Wild West Show. Dry, funny, and wise. Charlie Davenport: Male, 30-45, Baritone, supporting. Manager of the the Wild West show, fast talking and brash. Has a thing for dolly. Pawnee Bill: Male, 40-50, spoken, supporting. Competitor and rival of Buffalo Bill, oily less respectable version of Buffalo Bill.

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