March 17, 2023

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Region: Eastern, Western, Central

Seeking:Equity actors for roles in CLYDE’S. CLYDE (she/her 30's-40's, Black) Formerly incarcerated. Owner of the sandwich shop. Frighteningly charming. Her way or the highway. Knows she’s the shit and doesn’t care what anyone else thinks. Her tough love is heavy on tough and very light on love. Invulnerable. Insensitive. Tyrannical. Fire and ice. Sees the worst in people. Delights in humiliating others. Dangerously funny. MONTRELLUS (he/him 50's-60's, Black) - Formerly incarcerated. Head sandwich chef. Mindful. Smooth as silk. Guides others to find their own way. Accepts himself fully and needs no one else’s approval. Patient. Kind. Inspiring. Experiences sandwich making as necessary healing. Sees the best in people. Relishes in empowering others. Wit as sharp as his wisdom. RAFAEL (he/him, 20's30's Latinx)— Formerly incarcerated. Recovering addict. A romantic. In love with Letitia. Big personality. Bigger heart. Full of charm. Shows off and shows out with machismo and bravado. Takes everything a little too seriously because he fears no one takes him seriously. Sensitive but defensive. Needs this job to stay clean. LETITIA (she/her 20's -30's, Black) — Formerly incarcerated. Single mother to a child with health issues. A dreamer. Likes Rafael. Loves to laugh. Quick witted. Sharp tongued. Independent to a fault because she fears being vulnerable. Trust issues. Wants stability. Hopeful but impatient. Needs this job to stay afloat. JASON (he/him, 20's-30's, white) - Formerly incarcerated. White supremacist affiliation. A survivor. Proud. Hard. Standoffish. A lone wolf. Quick to anger. Keeps his distance from people because he fears he is the monster they see. Wants someone to really see him. Earnest but lost. Needs this job to stay alive.

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