June 15, 2018

The Color Purple - EPA - Singers
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Region: Eastern

Seeking:Celie: Female, 25-39, a radiant survivor who triumphantly journeys through a life filled with soul-reckoning challenges and emotional/physical violence; she is buoyed by a rock-solid faith in God, love and devotion for her sister Nettie, as well as the intimacy-awakening bond that she develops with Shug Avery. Note: Character age 14 to 40s. Nettie: Female, 25-39, Celie’s sister, and her rock; smart, driven, and protected by circumstance; unwaveringly devoted to her sister, she is nonetheless torn apart from her, and goes on to realize a fulfilled life in Africa, which includes serving as caretaker to Celie’s ‘lost’ children, ultimately reuniting them with their mother. Note: Character age 13 to 40s. PA: Male, 40-59, a deeply embittered and irredeemable man and violent abuser; he is father to Celie and Nettie, as well as father to Celie’s two children whom he abducts from Celie and gives them away at birth. Mister: Male, 35-45, a deeply troubled man, as well as Celie’s husband and abuser; he is also the estranged love interest to Shug Avery for whom he still carries a torch; eventually he is redeemed by a self-reckoning and atoning for his transgressions. Note: Character age 30s to 50s. Harpo: Male, 25-39, Mister’s hapless son from his first marriage; well intended, but often falls short due to exceedingly bad parenting by Mister; falls deeply in love with –and is dominated by his wife Sophia, then later by his girlfriend Squeak; he eventually finds his firm footing and manhood soon after Mister’s transformation and the return of his beloved Sofia. Note: Character age 18 – 40s. Sofia: Female, 20-35, Harpo’s wife and Celie’s friend for life; a full-figured, woman who possesses a giant personality, along with an equally expansive lust for life, and a proud sense of justice; a domineering pacifist who suffers no fools. Note: Character age 20s-40s. Shug Avery: Female, 30-49, a sultry siren and juke-joint performer who has seen better days; a former lover of Mister and a ‘good-time girl’, whose body, soul, and desire to love again is reawakened by Celie and the intimate bond they form with one another. Church Lady/Ensemble: Female, 18+, any age; church lady who serves as a Greek/Gospel chorus who comments on the events of Celie’s life throughout the journey. Squeak/Ensemble: Female, 20-29, Harpo’s devoted and fiercely protective girlfriend who serves as his great motivator; she possesses a voice that matches her name with mathematical exactness. Female Ensemble: Female, 18+, any age; strong singers to portray several characters; Church Lady, Olivia and others. Male Ensemble: Male, 18+, any age; strong singers to portray several characters; Bobby/Guard, Buster/Grady, Adam and others.

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