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Fourteen Things Everyone Is Secretly Thinking At An Audition

Friday, August 8, 2014 in Top Tens and Other Fun Facts|4 comments


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1) Was my family right? Should I have gone to law school?


2) Would I book more jobs if I colored my hair?...Was skinnier?

Curvier? Taller?  More social? Less social? Lived in LA? Wore my red shirt instead of this ugly blue one? Was ethnic? Not ethnic? A guy?


3) Thank goodness she's here - I was starting to feel old.


4) This is crazy.


5) There's that girl who told me she loves auditioning...I don't like her.


6) There should be a rule - if you've already booked a job for the summer and you're just here "for the experience" you should be asked to leave.


7) If I tell them I have a flight to catch, will they let me sing first?


8) How many times can I call work to tell them I'm going to be late before they fire me?


9) This is ridiculous!    


10) I guess this is what they mean by “fame costs and right here is where you start paying” – oh my goodness, did I really just quote Debbie Allen in my head. I’ve been surrounded by entertainers for too long.


11) Am I crazy or did she teach that step differently than she did 2 minutes ago? Huh…no one else seems affected.


12) I think this is a fire hazard.


13) (Outside the audition room) Yes, this is definitely the song I should sing (Mid song) this was a bad song choice.


14) I think I could actually book this job! Here goes nothing.


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