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In an industry dedicated to detail, make sure you are fully prepared for all of your auditions and are equipped with the tools necessary to improve your overall technique and take your career to the next level. Stage Door Connections has created a cost-efficient membership that provides you with full career development support with everything from creating an audition-ready resume and submitting yourself for consideration to hundreds of auditions using our direct casting submission process to connecting you with top industry professionals and helping you prepare for a long lasting career in the entertainment industry.
Having the ability to audition for as many opportunities as possible is essential when you are pursuing a career as a singer or dancer. The challenging part is how to showcase your talents online to get people excited about you, get invited to auditions or maybe even directly hired. With your Stage Door Connections’ Membership, putting your creativity on display has never been easier. Not only will you have access to hundreds of continually-updated audition listings from this monthly subscription option, you’ll have the opportunity to build a completely-customizable SDC casting profile. This profile can be accessed by casting professionals worldwide and submitted to over 60% of the auditions on the audition calendar! Shine some light on your career with this affordable option!
By signing up for this free membership you will have the ability to create a standard casting profile and be seen by hundreds of casting professionals nationwide. You will also have access to our blog area, a limited resume builder and our featured auditions. Being a little connected is better than not being connected at all.
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